Another stunning sunset in Noosa National Park

I wanted to share this picture with you. Noosa National Park is a gorgeous local spot, I take all of my Australian retreat participants there for a walk and a swim. Often we’ll see turtles and dolphins.

Well, this time I went for a run at the end of the day – my first time in Noosa National Park for a while and I welcomed the smell of the dry Australia bush with pleasure.

This sunset was a hazy for two reasons.  In late September / early October for a week or so, we always get deep, full, red, beautiful sunsets, and this particular evening, there had been bush fires around, so the smoke created this halo effect.

I love living in this part of the world!


2 thoughts on “Another stunning sunset in Noosa National Park

  1. Hi Rose, put Australia on your bucket list, it is a beautiful country. I love to share what gives me pleasure, and this place certainly resonates with me. I’m glad you like it, too!
    Blessings for the New Year,

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