Seasons Greetings – best wishes for the holidays!


Seasons Greetings!
Christmas is almost upon us so I will take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful holiday, time out with family and friends, hopefully some gorgeous sunshine, beautiful swims in the ocean, tasty food, fine wine, and plenty of afternoon naps…

Take a moment to smell the flowers, breathe, stretch, savour, explore and share.
Last Minute Gift Vouchers Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a gift of love – pure and simple.

Vouchers are available here or purchase can be arranged over the phone.Aloha and Blessings, Kimberlee

Introductory Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Workshop – November 2010

Essential Bodywork held an Introductory Hawaiian Lomi Lomi course this week, 15-16 November, 2010, in Peregian Beach.

We were graced with stunning weather and were able to practice Hawaiian bodywork techniques outside on the timber deck, surrounded by lush cascade palms moving gently in the breeze, all day, both days.  We felt very blessed!
This particular course was held over two days as a special favour to one of the students who is briefly visiting Australia, on holidays from the spa where she is working, in Geneva, Switzerland.

We took an hour or so early one morning to visit Noosa main beach, boardwalk and National Park – we are lucky we have the flexibility to include such excursions.

We are looking forward to more courses in 2011.


Congratulations Sylvia and Nadine!

Teaching Lomi Lomi in Malaysia – Part III

Here they all are, lovely, gifted spa therapists at The Andaman, accompanied by Yani Wayan Sukayani, V Botanical Spa Manager, and myself.  KaHuna Wave and Four Hands Lomi Lomi are two of the recent additions to the V Botanical Spa Menu, with love from Essential Bodywork.We have already had outstanding guest feedback, and we just finished training!  But of course, the Hawaiian bodywork really just speaks for itself.
I’m looking forward to returning to this beautiful part of the world.

Teaching Lomi Lomi in Malaysia – Part II

Here are two therapists in Villa 3, showing their consummate skill in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, or Kahuna Wave, as it is called at the newly branded V Integrated Wellness Botanical Spa at The Andaman, in Langkawi, Malaysia.


Kahuna Wave – what a perfect name – with ocean waves crashing beneath the villa, a stunning view over the water, and the lush sounds of the rainforest surrounding us.   In the V Botanical Spa brochure;  
“This massage promises to change the way you think, feel, move and breathe”.
I couldn’t have said it better myself.

A big thank you from Kimberlee at Essential Bodywork for asking me to train these beautiful, talented therapists.  Mahalo nui loa!

Teaching Lomi Lomi in Malaysia – Part I

Ok, I’m not promising a blog every day that I’m here, but I just wanted to do one to give you all a taste for Malaysia..

I have been given a wonderful opportunity to train spa staff at The Andaman, Langkawi. Now, the pictures on their website will do more justice than mine, but this is an absolutely stunning location, temperate climate, warm ocean, 50 million year old rainforest as a backdrop to the resort, monkeys in the trees, beautiful food, wonderful Malaysian hospitality..

V Botanical Spa is a series of villas set apart from the resort, the picture above on the right is one of these villas.  I want you to see how well these villas are nestled into their natural environment – the open air pavilions can host two people at once – imagine relaxing on a massage table, perhaps next to your loved one, with the sound of waves crashing below, a natural breeze caressing your skin, surrounded by ancient rainforest, and a wonderful, smiling therapist giving you a strong, slow Hawaiian massage..

Have i captured your imagination?

These are your therapists – they have wonderful humour, firm hands, and a caring attitude.  Here they are learning a Hawaiian dance which is similar in motion to the Hawaiian massage you receive – energetic, flowing, open-hearted and expressive.

See you at The Andaman!

What is Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage?

HAWAIIAN LOMI LOMI MASSAGELomi Lomi is also known as Aloha massage or Hawaiian Temple Style massage.  This sacred and unique style of bodywork incorporates the use of breath, music and long rhythmical flowing movements of the arms and hands on the body and in the aura, to connect the giver and receiver in a beautiful ‘dance’. The deep rhythmical massage works with the body’s natural flow and rhythm, combined with the positive healing energy generated, work to release tension and blockages in the body, stimulating the flow of energy to promote self healing.

The Master Healers of Hawaii knew that there were special ways to release and unblock the powers of the body so that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing could take place more quickly and completely.

Flowing with total energy and combined with a very loving touch relaxes the entire being, initiating a ‘letting go’ of old beliefs, patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you and cause limitations. The Hawaiians follow the premise that an idea or belief can block energy flow as much as muscle tension can. So, they use body and energy work to help release the blockages, while at the same time giving the energy new direction and set new patterns. This results in mental clarity and physical release thereby allowing for powerful healing in yourself and your life, creating a new level of harmony and facilitating healing on many levels, levels we are often not aware of at the time. In this way, lomi lomi can effect great change over a period of time, on many different levels. It is not simply a massage, but an active process.

Lomi Lomi is a massage style that overwhelms the mind with sensations registered in different parts of the body at the same time and communicates an acceptance and nurturing of the inner self.  When a Lomilomi practitioner touches the body of a person, it is with total respect and love. Thus, another description for Lomi Lomi is “loving hands” massage.  According to the old kahunas (priests), being able to live the Spirit of Aloha was a way of sending and receiving positive energy, or living in harmony. In Hawaii, Aloha was and still is a way of living and treating each other with love and respect.  “Aloha” is the spirit of the Hawaiian people, the literal translation –

`Aloha’ means the Breath of God is in our Presence.”~ Harry Uhane Jim

You can see how the bodywork, the language and the Hawaiian spirit are beautifully connected.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a graceful style of in-depth bodywork that is profoundly healing.

It is a pleasure to give, magical to receive and beautiful to watch.

For a Lomi Lomi demonstration on YouTube, click here

What’s So Good about Lemon Water?

What’s So Good About Lemon Water?

Regular consumption of fresh lemon juice diluted in a glass of hot (preferably filtered) water has many benefits.

The practice of drinking lemon water has its origin in Traditional Chinese Medicine and  has long been used as part of many detox treatments. Lemon is a wonder citrus fruit. Its juice contains large amounts of nutrients such as Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

What are the Benefits of Lemon Water?

  • Boosts immune system: Because of its rich Vitamin-C content, lemon water strengthens your immune system and helps prevents illness. Vitamin-C also has healing properties – when taken frequently during the day, lemon water has been known to hasten the healing of wounds and infections.
  • Supports the digestive system: Your digestive system relies on a number of enzymes and digestive juices to break down food particles into basic nutrients to nourish your body. Oftentimes, this system is hampered by an unhealthy consumption of fat, sugar, salt and food additives, making your colon sluggish. When this happens, you may suffer constipation or irregular bowel movement. Lemon water helps your liver to produce bile which digests fat for easier absorption and elimination.
  • Promotes clear skin: Lemon is widely acknowledged as a natural antiseptic – regular consumption of lemon water assists in rejuvenation of skin cells.  Drinking lemon water also effectively cleans your bowel of harmful waste and toxins so that with regular consumption, your skin will be healthy and blemish-free.   Your inner health is reflected on the surface of your skin. Depending on what you feed your body, what you eat or drink may nourish or be harmful to your skin. Toxins trapped in your colon eventually find their way to other body parts as well as your skin. This triggers acne flare-ups or skin rashes due to allergies.
  • Helps you lose weight safely. A regular intake of lemon water promotes elimination, a process that any weight loss diet needs before you can observe visible results. Due to the gradual weight-loss benefits obtained from drinking lemon water regularly, you may only begin to feel the effects after some time and if coupled with a healthy diet and enough exercise.
  • You’ll replace calcium, magnesium, and potassium with lemon water too. Also found in lemons, vitamin P in combination with vitamin C as well as potassium, strengthens the heart muscle and improves the tone and condition of the arteries and veins, according to the website Earth in Common.
  • Eliminate water retention. Develop a habit of drinking lemon water each day to help eliminate water retention. Constipation can also be naturally alleviated with the combination of lemon water and olive oil.
  • Alkalize your Body Lemon water is considered to be one of the best alkalizing drinks available. While lemon is very acidic, it turns to alkaline ash in the body, making the entire body system more alkaline. This is considered to be a more favorable state for better health. Many alternative health experts claim that an alkaline body is healthier and that most disease happens when the body is acidic. For this reason, drinking lemon water is attributed to better overall health.

When is the Best Time to Drink Lemon Water?

First thing in the morning. Your body is literally on a fast while you are asleep and is in a mild state of dehydration when you wake up. Unlike coffee which is loaded with the diuretic caffeine, lemon water can re-hydrate your body within minutes of drinking it.
Many people feel energized quickly after drinking lemon water in the morning, and drinking lemon water before anything else in the morning stimulates your bowel to eliminate accumulated waste. Fix yourself a glass of lemon water every morning by adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice to a glass of hot water.  Chopped or grated fresh ginger is also a tasty addition, and add a little honey if it is too tart.

4 Ways to Maximise the Benefits of your Massage

1. Stay hydrated

This is extraordinarily important both before and after the massage.  Good hydration will make it easier for the therapist to work on you.  Also, drinking plenty of water after your treatment will help flush any toxins that might have been released during the massage.

2. Communicate your needs and interests in advance so that your therapist knows what kind of experience you are looking for.  This will help make sure that all areas of concern are addressed.

3. Make sure that you keep those lines of communication open during your massage – don’t suffer through pain thinking you’ll feel better afterwards.
Additionally, let your therapist know if something is working particularly well for you.  Therapists love positive feedback!

4. Schedule your massage for a time of day when you won’t have to rush off afterwards.  Factor in time to enjoy the benefits of your massage.

With permission, and courtesy of, Amy’s Massage Haven –