Beauty in Small Things


I’m on my way.  6 weeks global roaming overseas.

Whenever I step onto a plane, I feel like I am stepping off in time.

I am free, fully present, there is no past, and no future.

Just now.

I took this picture recently on Peregian Beach.  One of my favourite places. 

Wherever I go, I want to leave a reminder of my presence , whether it be in the hearts or minds of the people I have met, or a simple collection of stone and natural objects left behind.

First Nations people used this kind of stone configuration to show where they had journeyed, to direct others, to mark the way to water, food & shelter.

I am committed to looking for, and seeing the beauty in small things.  Every day of my journey.

Nourishing my soul and feeding my spirit.

Tell me, how do you do this for yourself? 




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