Mother’s Day: 6 Health & Wellness Gifts for Mum

Treat the special woman in your life to a Gift of Health & Wellness this Mother’s Day!
Here are six healthy ideas for Mum’s special day. 


Massage can relief stress and anxiety, stabilize moods, promote immune support, increase feel-good endorphins, and generally allow you to feel supported and connected.  We specialize in Hawaiian, Remedial, and Pregnancy Massage, and tailor the treatment to individual needs.  Remember, the gift of massage is even sweeter than a box of chocolates!  Gift Vouchers are available online here


Aromatherapy Bath Salts

It’s cooling down so Bath Salts are a wonderful gift.  Our Aromatherapy Bath Salts are homemade by us, blending DoTERRA Essential Oils, Himalayan Salts and Epsom Salts.  We have six different aromatic themes – Bliss, Joy, Aloha (Love), Restore, Sport, and Sleep.  You can purchase 330g for $10, or 850g for $20.  


Aromatherapy Diffuser

This mood-enhancing, stylish Aromatherapy Diffuser / Vaporiser efficiently diffuses 4-5 drops of essential oils through water, continuously, for almost 8 hours.  This diffuser is an air purifier, ioniser and humidifier.  It automatically switches off when water is depleted.  There is no heating element, so no messy residue.  Diffusers are $100.


DoTERRA Essential Oils

Citrus Bliss is just one of the many DoTERRA blends we have available.  This particular blend merges Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine and Clementine essential oils with a hint of vanilla.  It cleanses and purifies the air, helps reduce stress and anxiety, and positively affects the mood with energizing and refreshing properties.  15ml Citrus Bliss is $25.

Heat Packs

These microwaveable Heat Packs are filled with lavender, rosemary and wheat.  Heat Packs can help relieve muscle and joint pain, are great for sporting injuries and soothing after a gym workout.  The aroma of lavender will relax and comfort.  2 sizes, $18 – $22.


Kansa Wands

The Kansa wand is a traditional Ayurvedic massage tool.  The Kansa wand has a bronze dome and a wooden handle, and are generally used on the face, body and feet.  When used as a massage tool, it has a relaxing, balancing effect on the body, and is particularly effective for naturally rejuvenating the skin, creating a youthful radiance, a natural face “lift”.  Other benefits: relaxes tired feet, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, enhances lower limb mobility, restores energy, and promotes sound sleep. Prices start at $60.

Call 0414 774 069 to give the gift of health and wellness this Mother’s Day.  The special woman in your life will thank you for it.

Happy Holidays from Essential Bodywork

Yes we are open over the holidays & yes we have Gift Vouchers, Bath Salts, and 2017 Calendars for you!

It’s that time of year again!  There have been some massive changes for all of us.

Highlights this year for Essential Bodywork:

– I’ve moved my business into a lovely commercial premises at 1/33 Thomas Street, Noosaville;

– HICAPS and immediate health fund rebates are now available, and;



– There are now 2 therapists available, as the wonderful S’raya Rahmat has joined me here for half the week

S’raya is skilled in Hawaiian Bodywork, Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Bowen. You can Book Online to see S’raya here.


IMG_4112On a creative level, I’ve createdimg_2215
some divine Aromatherapy Bath
Salts for clients, beautifully packaged, and also using my photography, created some wonderful 2017 Desk & Wall Calendars, framing the Sunshine Coast, Naturally.


As therapists we are keenly aware of the energy of Christmas.  We work hard to keep ourselves grounded to give you the best possible support at this time.  Time in nature, on the beach, in the ocean, massage, vital foods, gardening – just a few of the tools we use.

We are wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Kimberlee & S’raya

Gift Voucher Back

Synergies of Yoga, Bodywork and the Elements of Nature

IMG_6722For those of you who know me, the beach is one of my favorite ways to recharge.  Here is my husband, James at our local, Peregian Beach.

Yoga is another beautiful way to recharge.  As is massage!  I love the synergies between nature, yoga and bodywork.

The Elements
Heart Opening
Creating Space


Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

We love creating a synergy between our favourite pastimes.  We hope you do, too.

Kimberlee & James

New! Online Booking for your convenience

Book Online – It’s Easy!

Aloha, my friends! I’m really enjoying my new Online Booking software, which allows you to confirm your massage appointment electronically.

Online Booking streamlines the massage booking process. There’s no need to play phone and email tag if I am unable to answer immediately. You can check my availability online and confirm a mutually convenient time, 24/7.

Click on the image, or here’s the link – Essential Bodywork Online Booking

As soon as you make a booking, it will be confirmed to you and to myself. You’ll also be sent an automatic SMS or email reminder (your choice) the business day before your booking. If you use iCal, your appointment will automatically be synced into your calendar. How good is that?  One of my clients last week said “Kimberlee I was keeping an eye on your available appointments all week, and when I saw that Saturday appointment pop up, I grabbed it! I was so excited!”

I do enjoy technology!  And serving my clients in the best possible manner.

Have a beautiful day,

Training Schedule 2013

Bianca and Junko, January 2012, Peregian Beach

 Aloha beautiful ones!

I have scheduled two Lomi Lomi Foundation training retreats for Peregian Beach, Queensland, Australia, this year.  The first retreat is in a months time, from 17th – 22nd March.  There is still a place available on this retreat, so please let me know ASAP if you want to participate!

The second training in Peregian Beach will be held from 1st – 6th December, 2013.  I love sharing the Australian beach summer experience and combining it with Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.

Awakening Wellness Centre, Victoria, BC, Canada

In July, 2013, I have scheduled a Lomi Lomi training on Vancouver Island, in Victoria.  The dates are from 20th-24th July, at the Awakening Wellness Centre, on Fisgard Street.  

All details are here: July 2013 Lomi Lomi Foundation Training – Victoria B.C. Canada

I love teaching in Canada and connecting with the extensive healing community in Victoria, B.C, where my father lives.

And, although it is a little early, I would also like to invite interest for February, 2014, in Hawaii.  🙂  Mid-winter in the northern hemisphere, wouldn’t you just love to escape to Hawaii, dive deep into the culture, and come home with continuing education skills to add to your massage repertoire? I’ll see you there.


What is your word for 2013?

Frangipanis in my garden, summer 2013

Frangipanis in my garden, summer 2013

I was speaking to a client this week and she has a yearly practice which she, and many of her friends, have adopted.  Instead of sitting down at the beginning of a New Year to make a list of Resolutions, she chooses one word which she would like to have to describe her year ahead. 

This word could be “Truth”   “Engage”   “Strength”   “Perspective”   “Silence” – anything, really, that you choose.

This one word may describe something you may wish to address regularly.  It could be something you find challenging, or elusive.  In yoga, we call this a sankalpa (in sanskrit), We regularly choose one word at the beginning of each yoga practice, a word to return to in all circumstances. We may choose to keep this to ourselves.  Or not.  It is a precise declaration of good intention, that motivates you and aligns with your core.

My word this year is “Action“.  I have chosen to meditate on this, for various reasons.  My husband, James, has chosen “Opportunity“. 🙂

If you share your word with you friends and family, this will also make you accountable.  They will remind you of your word, when they notice your patterns (that you have consciously chosen to address) emerging.  Text your word as a New Year greeting!  Don’t you love this idea?

What is your word for 2013?  I’d love to share my practice with you.


Welcome Sunshine!

Aloha,Hibiscus bloom I photographed on the way to the beach

Welcome to to all of my new subscribers!  I’ve been a little quiet on the email front, but far from quiet in my everyday life.  New clients, yoga teacher training studies, yoga classes, and welcoming Tourism Noosa volunteers to my clinic for a famil this week – it’s all happening.  I am loving my studies and classes with Yoga NRG, and next weekend take my husband on retreat with them to Stradbroke Island.

I’m putting scheduling for 2013 retreats on hold until I complete my yoga teacher training, thank you for your patience.  Be assured that I will be definitely be teaching in Canada and overseas next year.  I plan to teach Lomi Lomi on the West Coast of Canada in August, and then go to Wanderlust Whistler 2013.  It’s going to be awesome!

There are some awesome testimonials from my recent Lomi Lomi trainings held in Canada and Italy this year – Click Here.

Meanwhile, it’s sunny here on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and we are having a stellar beginning to summer.

Many blessings,

P.S. here’s a Spicy Detox Tea recipe, for those who need a little immune boost in the changing of the seasons.  I found this on Mind Body Green and I love it!

Spicy Detox Tea
Knob of fresh ginger, grated
Juice of one whole lemon
Fresh turmeric root, grated, or 1 tsp ground turmeric
1 tsp cinnamon powder
1/2 tsp clove powder
1-2 tbsp raw honey
pinch of cayenne

Method- steep everything in hot water and sip throughout the day. Yum!



What a Ride!


I’ve had an awesome journey teaching / traveling in Italy and Canada in the last six weeks.  I met wonderful people, had extraordinary experiences, and loved just about every minute of it.  A yoga retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii was how I grounded myself down after 5 weeks of travel.  It worked.  I’ll be blogging about my experiences over the next little while.

This is how I see our world – alive, unbounded, elemental, interconnected, and interdependent.

Thank you to all of my new and future ‘ohana (Hawaiian for extended family) for sharing my journey with me. 

A hui hou! (until next time)


P.S. Spa & Wellness Magazine have combined and published two of my blogs in their July edition – you can subscribe to this free online mazine here and read my writings here



Hot Springs, Italy & Balneotherapy

You may have enjoyed my last blog about the Italian hot spring Thermal Park Garda that I experienced recently with friends.  There is a little more I’d love to share with you.

As we entered, the Rules of Conduct were prominently displayed:

No Smoking
No Food and Drink
No Loud Noises
No “Outpouring of Love

So, no lovemaking or funny business in the hot springs!  Once I entered the park, I understood.  Natural forests, relaxing heated pools,  hot-tubs, water fountains, hydro-massage – it is a veritable feast for the senses. 

And ultimate relaxation.

There is even a unique grotto, hidden behind a waterfall, with carved seating, night mood lighting, and a variety of warm underwater jets…positioned perfectly to massage the back, neck, shoulders, and feet.

Being in these pools is like a re-birthing, an unveiling, a lifting away… I felt immediately at ease.  I am a water baby, after all.

Actually, each hot spring is unique and has different therapeutic properties, depending on the mineral composition.  Parco Thermal‘s water is high in bicarbonate, magnesium, calcium, lithium and silica, so this particular destination spa is renowned to improve your skin.  They have even designed a range of cosmetics prepared using the water from the Thermal Park.

Balneotherapy refers to the treatment of dis-ease using water therapies.  Hot springs are perfect – by immersing ourselves in mineral rich waters, our skin absorbs restorative minerals and expels harmful toxins.  The combination of minerals and warm temperatures provide many heath benefits – boosting the immune system, increasing blood circulation, relaxing muscles, aiding metabolism and digestion, etc.  For the skin, according to Talk Spas, balneotherapy in hot spring baths has been shown to have a therapeutic effect on psoriasis, dermatitis, and fungal infections.

The same journal lists more serious illnesses that use balneotherapy to relieve symptoms.  These include cardiovascular disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, insomnia, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Spas of course also incorporate other organic elements such as essential oils, mud, clay, seaweed, saltwater and herbs to enhance the effects of mineral properties in the water. 

You can see how healing the waters are just by looking at the expressions on our faces…

This is Cristina with her husband Roberto after he has given her a beautiful Watsu treatment in the hot springs at Thermal Park Garda.

I’ll be exploring Canada’s first water spa for women, Body Blitz in Toronto, in a couple of weeks time…

Until then, Ciao