Aloha, Teaching, & A Winter’s Tale

Aloha beautiful ones,

It has been a while since I’ve written a blog, so thanks go out to all my new subscribers and new clients.

It’s been a time of change and new perspectives, that’s for sure.  In March I did some Hawaiian Wisdom Training with Ho’okahi, wife of the late Kahu Abraham.  It was certainly an eye-opener. Ho’okahi has a clever way of re-framing words, dreams and experiences into different perspectives and more useful understandings, and using metaphor throughout her daily interaction.  That said, she does not mince words and speaks her mind and her observations without apology. I found the training extremely challenging, and I fell down in a heap after I came back.  Which is kind of what I expected. Perhaps what I needed.

I’ve come home and re-designed my house and my relationship.  And, this last month has been a complete detox from sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy and alcohol.  I’m not one for diets, but this one has been necessary.  I’ve joined in on Selfish for 27 Days, an online event focused on self care, self enquiry and self expression.  I’m focusing on my yoga, my body, my mind and especially my perspective.  It’s been a dive into a deeper articulation of what is important to me.  More to be said on that in another blog.  I’m feeling fantastic, and just as well, I have a big trip ahead of me in July and August.

In 5 weeks time I’ll be in Italy, teaching Lomi Lomi in Verona, and then to Canada, where I will be teaching in Victoria B.C. and Toronto, Ontario.  What an absolute pleasure!  I’ve found fantastic yoga teachers to complement each training. There is an opportunity available for one more student in Verona, and in Toronto.  On the way home to Oz, I will be checking out the big island of Hawaii to host one of my Lomi retreats in 2013.  And then relaxing doing a yoga retreat there for myself :).  Sounds like a lot of “retreating” but it’s really more about coming home to self.  I’ll be back in Australia on the16th August.

Well, that’s my blog for today.  Here’s a fantastic recipe to warm you up as our weather cools in the southern hemisphere.  Absolutely delicious.

Margaret Fulton’s Pea & Ham Soup


Pea & Ham Soup

Winter Warmer - Pea & Ham Soup

2 onions, sliced
300g green split peas
2.5 litres (10 cups) water (for 800g of ham)
1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper 
1 sprig of fresh thyme
1 bay leaf
1 smoked ham hock, around 800g
2 carrots, diced
1 cup sliced celery
2 tbsp lemon juice
salt to taste
cracked black pepper to serve

My Easy Slow Cooker Method

1. Put split peas at the bottom of the Slow Cooker.

2. Add all other ingredients and cover with water.

3. Cook on low for 6-8 hrs or on high for 4-6 hours, or until meat falls off the bone easily.

4. Remove bone, discard fat & skin. Chop meat up finely, return to soup.

Margaret’s StoveTop Method

1. Put the onions, peas, water, pepper, thyme and bay leaf into a large saucepan.

2. Add the ham bone, bring slowly to the boil, reduce heat and simmer half-covered for an hour.

3. Add the carrots and celery and cook for another hour.

4. Remove thyme and bay leaf and discard.

5. Take out ham bone, cut all meat from bone removing excess fat and skin, shred and return all but half a cup of meat to the soup.  Add the salt (if required) and lemon juice just before serving.  Serve the soup topped with the remaining meat and garnish with cracked black pepper and a few thyme leaves.

Note: Add spicy smoked sausage to turn into a hearty main meal.  Serve with crusty bread, if you wish. This recipe freezes well in an airtight container for up to 3 months. Serves 4-6.

A little more nature appreciation

Noosa National Park - an ethereal boardwalk through the wallum

Aloha to you, beautiful people. This is a picture of the path I will be taking tomorrow morning, I am going for a bush walk in Noosa National Park, starting from Sunshine Beach and winding my way around to the Main Beach for a swim. What a great start to the day!

Having had the best of intentions to LEAP into 2012, I am finding that pacing myself is the better way to go.

And I can’t think of a better way to keep perspective than spending time in the company of trees. And the ocean. And my loved ones.

Wishing you a beautiful day,


Aloha, and Namaste

Aloha and Namaste – two of my favourite words.

Aloha, I understand, literally, in Hawaiian, means the breath of God is in our presence. Every day, in every way, we are graced with the presence, and breath, of God. This thought makes me dream, and breathe, and wonder. It gives me pause, and faith. And I see the world through different eyes. Aloha means hello, goodbye, and I love you. A greeting, and declaration of love, and a farewell. Beautiful.

Namaste, is derived from Sanskrit, and literally, means “I bow to you”. Namaste is the recognition of one’s existence by another person. “I salute your presence or existence in society and the universe.” However, there are layers here also… The western yogic tradition adds another layer, – the spark, divinity, light – by saying and gesturing Namaste, we are saying “the divinity in me honours the divinity in you.”

I’ll be doing my yoga teacher training in 2012, so perhaps my understanding will evolve. 🙂

Either way, I love the recognition, appreciation, and respect these words evoke.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season,

Aloha, and Namaste


Essential Bodywork


Finding Perfection in the Imperfection

I’ve been working on being quiet. After a huge year of preparation for training internationally in 2012, I’m taking time out, doing yoga, appreciating all that I have around me.
I have my father arriving today from Canada for a visit, and I am so looking forward to a couple of weeks of great conversations, family dinners, swims in the ocean, smiles, laughter and hugs. And being a tourist in my own town.

What are you looking forward to this holiday season? This time of year can be stressful for so many reasons – family expectations, your expectations, catering for everyone, last minute shopping. My personal list on how to manage:
– be organized, do your shopping incrementally, not at the last minute. Hopefully you’ve started!
– schedule time for yourself every day, whether it’s a walk, swim, gym, or a half hour on your yoga mat, get up earlier if necessary to make this possible. Exercise helps with stress, releasing endorphins, and will help balance the celebratory drinks and party food;
– keep your water intake high, eat more raw food, and schedule regular AFD’s (alcohol free days);)
– declutter – office, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and make room for fresh inspiration;
– add touches of yourself and nature around your home, bowls of flowers, natural arrangements, candles, fragrant handmade soaps, special, small additions that warm your heart, make a collage board of favorite photos and display them instead of keeping them in albums;

– Remember, things may not always go according to plan, but the larger plan may be an even better one! :)And, lastly, find grace and gratitude in every day.

– Have fun! Don’t worry about everything being perfect! A friend gave me a task recently, to find and write about the perfection I see in the imperfect world around me. It’s a real paradigm shift, and I like it. Try it, and please share your experiences.


Essential Bodywork


Be the Change

So, today I took a day off.  A long, leisurely stroll to the beach, a swim in the ocean,  meditation sitting on the sand, lots of breathing, and quiet space.  I took photos along the way, because I love to record what I see.  When I returned home, I found the first hibiscus has bloomed in my garden.  Here is one of the images.

Hibiscus - first bloom

Right now, I am in a process of massive change.  Change is the only constant in our lives – why do we fear it so? Gandhi’s words resonate – “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Every time I let go, and grow, I am rewarded.

Today, I choose to honor this process, rather than fight it.  I choose to evolve, grow, and blossom.  Dream big, beautiful dreams, rich with colour, love, beauty and warmth.  Are you with me? How will you “Be the Change”?

Aloha nui,

P.S. My new website is up –

Yoga in Bali – Bliss

In May, 2011, I took time out for myself and attended on of Sue Hawkins’ yoga retreats, in Ubud, Bali. Divine Bliss, no better way to describe this six day experience that we all wanted to last for ten.

Humid, tropical heat is perfect for warming the body up for yoga, and I loved the quiet yoga temple which overlooked a tropical ravine – all you could hear during the yoga sessions were bird cries and endlessly running water.

In between yoga sessions, exploring the countryside, temples, mountains, meeting the locals and eating delicious food,  I managed to squeeze in a several body treatments and massages for myself.

Doing my own yoga teacher training, purely for my own personal development, and holding a Lomi Lomi massage retreat in Bali are now both on my List. :-)I returned home rejuvenated, relaxed and keen to incorporate the special feel of this week into my own retreats.  I have a yoga teacher assist on all my massage retreats.  Yoga is fantastic to warm up, stretch, focus on the breath, and help participants stay grounded.

What’s So Good about Lemon Water?

What’s So Good About Lemon Water?

Regular consumption of fresh lemon juice diluted in a glass of hot (preferably filtered) water has many benefits.

The practice of drinking lemon water has its origin in Traditional Chinese Medicine and  has long been used as part of many detox treatments. Lemon is a wonder citrus fruit. Its juice contains large amounts of nutrients such as Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

What are the Benefits of Lemon Water?

  • Boosts immune system: Because of its rich Vitamin-C content, lemon water strengthens your immune system and helps prevents illness. Vitamin-C also has healing properties – when taken frequently during the day, lemon water has been known to hasten the healing of wounds and infections.
  • Supports the digestive system: Your digestive system relies on a number of enzymes and digestive juices to break down food particles into basic nutrients to nourish your body. Oftentimes, this system is hampered by an unhealthy consumption of fat, sugar, salt and food additives, making your colon sluggish. When this happens, you may suffer constipation or irregular bowel movement. Lemon water helps your liver to produce bile which digests fat for easier absorption and elimination.
  • Promotes clear skin: Lemon is widely acknowledged as a natural antiseptic – regular consumption of lemon water assists in rejuvenation of skin cells.  Drinking lemon water also effectively cleans your bowel of harmful waste and toxins so that with regular consumption, your skin will be healthy and blemish-free.   Your inner health is reflected on the surface of your skin. Depending on what you feed your body, what you eat or drink may nourish or be harmful to your skin. Toxins trapped in your colon eventually find their way to other body parts as well as your skin. This triggers acne flare-ups or skin rashes due to allergies.
  • Helps you lose weight safely. A regular intake of lemon water promotes elimination, a process that any weight loss diet needs before you can observe visible results. Due to the gradual weight-loss benefits obtained from drinking lemon water regularly, you may only begin to feel the effects after some time and if coupled with a healthy diet and enough exercise.
  • You’ll replace calcium, magnesium, and potassium with lemon water too. Also found in lemons, vitamin P in combination with vitamin C as well as potassium, strengthens the heart muscle and improves the tone and condition of the arteries and veins, according to the website Earth in Common.
  • Eliminate water retention. Develop a habit of drinking lemon water each day to help eliminate water retention. Constipation can also be naturally alleviated with the combination of lemon water and olive oil.
  • Alkalize your Body Lemon water is considered to be one of the best alkalizing drinks available. While lemon is very acidic, it turns to alkaline ash in the body, making the entire body system more alkaline. This is considered to be a more favorable state for better health. Many alternative health experts claim that an alkaline body is healthier and that most disease happens when the body is acidic. For this reason, drinking lemon water is attributed to better overall health.

When is the Best Time to Drink Lemon Water?

First thing in the morning. Your body is literally on a fast while you are asleep and is in a mild state of dehydration when you wake up. Unlike coffee which is loaded with the diuretic caffeine, lemon water can re-hydrate your body within minutes of drinking it.
Many people feel energized quickly after drinking lemon water in the morning, and drinking lemon water before anything else in the morning stimulates your bowel to eliminate accumulated waste. Fix yourself a glass of lemon water every morning by adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice to a glass of hot water.  Chopped or grated fresh ginger is also a tasty addition, and add a little honey if it is too tart.