4 Ways to Maximise the Benefits of your Massage

1. Stay hydrated

This is extraordinarily important both before and after the massage.  Good hydration will make it easier for the therapist to work on you.  Also, drinking plenty of water after your treatment will help flush any toxins that might have been released during the massage.

2. Communicate your needs and interests in advance so that your therapist knows what kind of experience you are looking for.  This will help make sure that all areas of concern are addressed.

3. Make sure that you keep those lines of communication open during your massage – don’t suffer through pain thinking you’ll feel better afterwards.
Additionally, let your therapist know if something is working particularly well for you.  Therapists love positive feedback!

4. Schedule your massage for a time of day when you won’t have to rush off afterwards.  Factor in time to enjoy the benefits of your massage.

With permission, and courtesy of, Amy’s Massage Haven – www.amyshaven.com