Exploring the Five Lands (Cinque Terre)


Ok, so here I am – it was a gorgeous day today, overcast to begin with, perfect for taking pictures. My  iPhone is my friend on this journey.

Today I hiked south from Monterosso to Vernazza, and then to Corniglia. The first leg was a decent 90 minute, mostly uphill hike, with many, many, stairs on a kind of goat track along the coast. Bring good walking shoes, a hat, sunnies & sunscreen if you do this one. 

Vernazza is still in the process of being rebuilt after massive flooding and mudslides that occurred and decimated the town on October 25th, 2011.  Vernazza was completely cut off, by road, rail and air, for 3 days during  inclement weather.  Many people died.  Even now, 9 months later, shops are being reconstructed. I was definitely thinking about all of this when walking this area.  

The track between Vernazza and Corniglia was only just re-opened this week, there was only one section where it was still obvious it had been clearly washed away and I was climbing across sand bags, so I was happy I was able to walk this one.  Corniglia to Manarola is still impassable.  The last leg of this famous walk, from Manarola to Riomaggiore, is fully paved and quite relaxing.  

All the towns are accessible by train, so you can train one way and walk back, if you wish.  Or just hop off at each stop and look around each unique town.  There is a sea ferry as well, if you want to view the coastline from the ocean. Stunning.

Here’s Riomaggiore, the marina here is gorgeous and there are plenty of enticing local dishes to enjoy.  So many delicacies here!

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17 thoughts on “Exploring the Five Lands (Cinque Terre)

  1. A 2003 trip to the Cinque Terre with girlfriends is a cherished memory. It was so beautiful and we had a wonderful time hiking and swimming and eating. Hadn’t he are about the flood damage.

  2. How beautiful. I’m just up a few hundred kilometres, vacationing near Venice.

    It’s lovely that the villages and little towns are all distinctive, yet connected together, so you can easily get from one to the other.

    Enjoy la bella Italia!

    • I LOVED the little towns, so much character and ambiance and beauty to discover – I could definitely spend some time simply wandering around and exploring. Venice was absolutely wonderful, we had an intensive day trip from Verona, the history and character of Venezia is almost overwhelming. Next time I am going to allocate more time off for exploring. 🙂

    • Hi Kama, no, I won’t be going to Spain on this trip, I am in Canada now. Next year perhaps I will go to the south of France and then Italy again. Spain is on my list as well, of course, I have so many friends who have traveled there and absolutely loved it. 🙂 Enjoy your journeys!

  3. I love Italy and really miss it. We lived for nearly 3 years close to Sacile in Northern Italy. The landscape is beautiful, the people wonderful and the food just awesome. Thank you for reminding me about the great time we spend there.

    • Hi Wendy, yes, i can understand. There really is a special feel about Italy, I guess you will just have to go back for a visit… 🙂
      Blessings, Kimberlee

    • Thank you, Amy, I think I have begun a lifelong love of Italy. I’m going back next year to teach again and I am going to start taking language classes when I return home. Love, Kimberlee

  4. Lovely pics of Cinque Terre. I was there last year and had an extraordinary day with 4 other women I met through meetups in Victoria, BC Canada. We traveled together to this wonderful place. I will go back. This year am exploring Greece, Turkey and Venice.

  5. Thanks to Pamela who left a comment above for posting this on her FB page. I took love Cinque Terre and was there in Oct 2008. Headed back there in Sept after a couple of days in Rome, a 13 night cruise from Rome to Sicily, Malta, Athens, Turkey, 4 Greek Islands and ending in Venice. Then after exploring Venice and spending a night there we are off to Cinque Terre for 4 nights!!! I didn’t realize all the paths between the towns weren’t all open. I didn’t have enough time to hike the entire thing last time and was hoping to do it this trip 🙁 Where did you stay when you were there? We stayed in Riomaggiore last time and were hoping to stay there again or maybe Vernazza. But is there too much rebuilding and construction going on there right now?

    • Hi Lori

      I stayed in Monterosso. Most northern of the towns. My travel agent suggested this. It is probably the most touristy of the five towns. It was fine. Vernazza is definitely still undergoing construction but there are places to stay and it is a small town – it really depends on the experience you are looking for. I met a Californian girl in Monterosso who rents out studio rooms for not much and it is not a hotel but it is a local experience. I can connect you on facebook. 🙂 Let’s talk. 🙂

      • For sure Kimberlee you can find me on FB. I found your page last night and saw you were here in Victoria where I live! I left a couple of comments so easy to find me! When I was in Cinque Terre las time we had lunch in Monterosso and yes it was more touristy with the big beach there. Thought the more small town Italy experience would be cool as I’ll have my 18 year old son with me, but would totally like to check this other place out since I haven’t booked anything yet. Was searching again last night! Cheers 🙂

        • Hi Lori
          I’ve friended you and sent a suggestion for a woman who offers inexpensive accommodation in the old town of Monterosso. Enjoy your planning! 🙂

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