Gratitude, Conscious Creation, & having a holiday from my holiday…

Well, Christmas is over. For me, this year, Christmas came a long second to my wedding on December 11th. After organizing a wedding in four weeks, Christmas would have to be a cinch.

And, it was, really. On Christmas Eve we held a dinner party for friends visiting from Singapore, and on the 25th, we filled our beautiful round wooden table on our outdoor deck with family, and had a plethora of delicious food and drink to share. Family from London stayed on a few days, and it wasn’t very hard being tourists in our own town – perfect weather does help!

Coupled with catchups with more friends from out of town, a veritable social whirlwind ensued.

After visitors, some city hopping and exploring, it has been such a relief to come home to our beautiful home, and really, just breathe, and appreciate what I have and can experience every day. A beautiful home, beach close by, generous neighbours with whom we exchange keys and swimming pools and share space, and my own beautiful garden and quiet space. A place I can welcome clients and embrace silence, when needed.

Now, time to write down all that I am grateful for, acknowledge what I have accomplished and experienced this year, and write how 2012 will be the most awesome year for myself, my family and extended family (‘ohana in Hawaiian).

This is not just about what I have and can create for myself, but what I can create and wish for others. I hope you will join me in the conscious creation of 2012. 🙂


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