Koru unfurling…

Well, new horizons beckon, both physically and geographically.

This Sunday 25th March I begin yoga teacher training in Brisbane with My Health Yoga.  Why yoga?  Why now?  Because my heart yearns for it.  And why not?  Yoga and Lomi Lomi work together beautifully.

After this, I am doing a week of Hawaiian wisdom and Lomi training with Ho’okahi.  I’m looking to stoke the burning ember of my inspiration into a flame once more.

Returning to Peregian, I’ll be available for appointments from 2nd April – 14th April.

Then, I am off to New Zealand to visit Gisborne, stay at Morere Hot Springs, soak in thermal pools, rejuvenate at a beautiful virgin forest scenic reserve,  and meet new friends. I’ll be connecting with Nancy Kahalewai, author of “Lomi Lomi – Big Island Massage” and learning Hot Stone Massage, ‘opu huli on the abdomen, and some deep tissue Lomi techniques.  Ahhhhhh. 

I’m back on deck again on the 24th April.  I am loving following my heart and creating space for learning and new growth.

Tell me, how do you allow your koru to unfurl?

Aloha, Kimberlee

2 thoughts on “Koru unfurling…

  1. I came across your website when I watched your lomi lomi demo on youtube. I live in NY and would love to be informed as to when you’ll next be teaching in the States. I’m so enamored by the lomi lomi philosophy and the beauty of this bodywork. I’m have my NY & CT license (1,000 hours of training) and my National license as well in massage & hydrotherapy. I look forward to hearing from you. Om Shanti, Kim Ramos

    • Hi Kim – I have no immediate plans to teach in the States. I have a teacher from NY coming to my training in Toronto in August – perhaps that would be a possibility for you? I will send you an email and we can discuss. Namaste, Kimberlee

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