Lava Shell Massage

Introducing Lava Shell Massage to the Sunshine Coast!
Commencing 10th July, 2018.

What is Lava Shell Massage?

Lava Shell Massage is pure relaxation.  At Essential Bodywork, we offer a flowing massage combining hands-on bodywork with naturally heated Lava Shells.  The intense, radiating heat from the shells release tension and leave you feeling stress-free and rejuvenated.  Lava Shell Massage is a deeply indulgent experience bringing the ocean element into your massage. 

Where are Lava Shells from?

Lava Shells are recycled Tiger Clam shells from villages in the Philippines, where clams are part of the daily diet.  Shells are carefully selected for their uniformity of size and structural integrity.  The shells are then polished, sealed, and prepared for use as a smooth, heated massage tool.  They are light and fit perfectly in the palm of the hand.  The shells we use at Essential Bodywork are Natural Lava Shells, which have been highly polished.  Porcelain Lava Shells are also available, which are made of crushed Tiger Clam shells, blended with porcelain.  These are hand-painted, polished, and very visually appealing.  Each kind of shell has different properties.  We choose to use the Natural Lava Shells as they are slightly smaller and easier to handle.  Both support the local economy in the Philippines and recycle an item that was previously discarded.

How do Lava Shells work?

A natural mix of minerals including algae, dried sea kelp, dead sea salt and essential oils are contained within a dry, tea-bag like sachet, and placed inside the Lava Shell.  A saline solution is poured on to the dry sachet inside the shell, acting as an activator.  This blend of ingredients creates a chemical reaction inside the shell, producing consistent, reliable, powerful heat, without electricity. These simple, all natural ingredients create no harmful byproducts, are bio-degradable, and environmentally friendly. 

Lava shells have a hinge and smooth narrow edge suitable for targeted deep work, and a smooth rounded surface for even pressure and long strokes.  They are sanded down and sealed, so there are no rough edges.

What is the difference between Lava Shell Massage and Hot Stone Massage?

Lava Shells can create consistent heat for up to two hours – longer than hot stones.

Lava Shells heat up when left idle, whereas hot stones cool down.

Lava Shells maintain a consistent, powerful heat, while Hot Stones need to be constantly re-heated, making it necessary for the practitioner to take their hands off the client.  This means that Lava Shells can provide a more seamless heated massage experience, maximizing client contact.

The feel of heated lava shells is on the body is pure and clean, a watery element, like the ocean.  Hot Stones feel solid, dense and grounding, more of the earth element. 

Both are profoundly relaxing, and deeply effective.  We can combine Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with Hot Stones and Lava Shells to create a truly elemental massage.

Benefits of Lava Shell Massage

Can combine soft and deep tissue trigger point work.
Eases muscle tension, soothes aching muscles.
Releases energy flow, therefore re-energizing the body.
Improved lymphatic flow and blood circulation, creating improved immune support.
Intense heat of shells can deeply impact the large muscles of the body.
Helps sluggish bowels, aids digestion and may soothe irritable bowel syndrome.
Restores a sense of balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Possible Contraindications of Lava Shell Massage

If you have any of the following conditions, Lava Shell Massage may be contraindicated (inadvisable) for you.
Cancer – during medical treatment. OK when in remission but seek medical advice.
Pregnancy- heat may affect hormone levels and blood pressure, so the decision is yours.
Thrombosis- DVT
General Inflammation- Heat aggravates inflammation

Local Precautions:
Low blood pressure – Take care when getting up.
Diabetes – Avoid injection site for 1 hour.
Varicose Veins
Rheumatoid Arthritis – In the neck or near any degenerating disks

Sunburn – Heat will make the condition worse.
Open cuts and abrasions.
Menopause – May bring about more hot flushes.
Heat Sensitivity.

After Care:
Drink plenty of water.
No strenuous exercise.