New! Online Booking for your convenience

Book Online – It’s Easy!

Aloha, my friends! I’m really enjoying my new Online Booking software, which allows you to confirm your massage appointment electronically.

Online Booking streamlines the massage booking process. There’s no need to play phone and email tag if I am unable to answer immediately. You can check my availability online and confirm a mutually convenient time, 24/7.

Click on the image, or here’s the link – Essential Bodywork Online Booking

As soon as you make a booking, it will be confirmed to you and to myself. You’ll also be sent an automatic SMS or email reminder (your choice) the business day before your booking. If you use iCal, your appointment will automatically be synced into your calendar. How good is that?  One of my clients last week said “Kimberlee I was keeping an eye on your available appointments all week, and when I saw that Saturday appointment pop up, I grabbed it! I was so excited!”

I do enjoy technology!  And serving my clients in the best possible manner.

Have a beautiful day,

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