Teaching Lomi Lomi in Malaysia – Part I

Ok, I’m not promising a blog every day that I’m here, but I just wanted to do one to give you all a taste for Malaysia..

I have been given a wonderful opportunity to train spa staff at The Andaman, Langkawi. Now, the pictures on their website will do more justice than mine, but this is an absolutely stunning location, temperate climate, warm ocean, 50 million year old rainforest as a backdrop to the resort, monkeys in the trees, beautiful food, wonderful Malaysian hospitality..

V Botanical Spa is a series of villas set apart from the resort, the picture above on the right is one of these villas.  I want you to see how well these villas are nestled into their natural environment – the open air pavilions can host two people at once – imagine relaxing on a massage table, perhaps next to your loved one, with the sound of waves crashing below, a natural breeze caressing your skin, surrounded by ancient rainforest, and a wonderful, smiling therapist giving you a strong, slow Hawaiian massage..

Have i captured your imagination?

These are your therapists – they have wonderful humour, firm hands, and a caring attitude.  Here they are learning a Hawaiian dance which is similar in motion to the Hawaiian massage you receive – energetic, flowing, open-hearted and expressive.

See you at The Andaman!

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