Pregnancy Massage

We offer 2 kinds of Pregnancy Massage:

Standard Pregnancy Massage – as trained by Catherine McInerney of Pregnancy Massage Australia.

This style of Pregnancy Massage is side-lying, extremely comfortable and supportive, using pillows, bolsters and sheets/blankets. It is specifically designed to work with the individual’s needs, and is approved by all of the professional massage associations within Australia.

We give you the option of incorporating beautiful essential oils blends from Pregnancy Massage Australia, specifically designed to support the individual in each trimester.  Click here for full details – Pregnancy Massage Australia – Essential Oil Pregnancy Blends.

1st Trimester – Wks 1 to 13 – Rose Absolute, Australian Mandarin, Roman Chamomile, Spearmint.
2nd Trimester – Wks 14 to 26 – Italian Bergamot, Rose Geranium, Patchouli, Ginger, Neroli.
3rd Trimester – Wks 27 to 40 – Spruce Pine, Australian Orange, Australian Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver.

And Hawaiian Pregnancy Massage.

Hawaiian Pregnancy Massage incorporates not only the long, flowing, wavelike motion of Hawaiian bodywork, but also exquisite under-body work.  Let me explain.

The massage may begin with the client lying prone (face-down) on our specially designed Pregnancy Massage table.  The belly is fully and comfortably supported, utilizing a drop-down feature, which allows the synthetic table cover to stretch downward and accommodate most pregnant bellies with ease. This is not a table with a hole in it.  You are fully supported and will be surprised at how completely comfortable you will feel.

If you prefer, and depending on your stage of pregnancy, you can also be massaged in side-lying positions.  The pregnancy table is a sturdy, extra-wide table, allowing for extra pillows, cushioning and ease of movement when changing positions.

Following effective work on the neck, back, arms, legs, and feet, you will then be asked to change positions so that the pregnancy feature can be re-set.  This means the table is flat again to support your back, the right hip is cushioned appropriately, and then the exquisite underbody work begins.  This means massaging beneath the body, between your body and the table.  The long flowing strokes that Hawaiian bodywork is famous for support a connective, cradling motion beneath the arms, neck and shoulders, and wavelike strokes beneath the back, under and over the legs and belly.  As one of my clients said “this massage is full of secret hugs”.

You will feel completely nurtured, supported, relieved, and relaxed.

Kimberlee has been looking after pregnant mamas for 19 years.  We am comfortable taking pregnant clients up to full term with treatments designed specifically to the individual mother’s changing needs.

We look forward to sharing this sacred space with you and the newest member of your family.

Pregnancy Massage Testimonials

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Love my Pregnancy Pillow

Hi Kimberlee,

I am loving my new pregnancy pillow. Thank you!
I can't live without it!!

Leanne M. Sunshine Coast May, 2014 May 15, 2014

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