Yoga in Bali – Bliss

In May, 2011, I took time out for myself and attended on of Sue Hawkins’ yoga retreats, in Ubud, Bali. Divine Bliss, no better way to describe this six day experience that we all wanted to last for ten.

Humid, tropical heat is perfect for warming the body up for yoga, and I loved the quiet yoga temple which overlooked a tropical ravine – all you could hear during the yoga sessions were bird cries and endlessly running water.

In between yoga sessions, exploring the countryside, temples, mountains, meeting the locals and eating delicious food,  I managed to squeeze in a several body treatments and massages for myself.

Doing my own yoga teacher training, purely for my own personal development, and holding a Lomi Lomi massage retreat in Bali are now both on my List. :-)I returned home rejuvenated, relaxed and keen to incorporate the special feel of this week into my own retreats.  I have a yoga teacher assist on all my massage retreats.  Yoga is fantastic to warm up, stretch, focus on the breath, and help participants stay grounded.

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